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Interested in ASL Business Classes?

Interpretek offers a variety of classes and lunch & learns to teach employees how to communicate with Deaf and Hard of Hearing coworkers. Check out the sample below!


This shortened version of a Lunch & Learn session shows basic signs you’ll learn, how National Deaf History Month got it’s date, and about the larger than average population of Deaf individuals in Martha’s Vineyard.


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Fundamental Classes

Fundamental Classes

  • Learn the basics of American Sign
    Language: alphabet, numbers,
    fingerspelling and more!
  • Be exposed to Deaf Culture
  • Begin to learn about norms of the
    Deaf Community
Customized Classes

Customized Classes

  • Choose class duration
  • Learn greetings and industry
  • Pick and choose what you learn about
  • Begin to learn about norms of
    the Deaf Community
Lunch & <br />

Lunch &

  • One hour sessions
  • Learn greetings and industry
  • Tips for working with an interpreter
  • Norms of the Deaf community

Interested in ASL business classes for your company?

Learn greetings, industry terminology, and more to help open communication between coworkers.

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