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Online Focus Education

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CEUs For Sign Language Interpreters

Supporting ASL Interpreter Development

Interpretek proudly provides continuing education units (CEUs) for ASL interpreters online as well as professional development opportunities. Our proprietary digital program, Online Focus, makes it easy for interpreters to enhance their existing skills and learn new ones, all on their own time and at their own pace.

Online Focus by Interpretek

We take pride in creating quality resources for all interpreters. Through Online Focus, we’re able to provide convenient, effective, and affordable educational solutions. These courses can be enjoyed at home, at work, or wherever you have access to a computer with high-speed internet. Simply purchase your desired programs with optional CEUs, log in to view videos and their corresponding activities, and grow your skills. Online Focus is also great for ITPs/IPPs– our collegiate customers utilize it for the language lab, homework, or within the classroom as a curriculum supplement.

Course Bundles

Intro to Legal Interpreting Focus Intro to Legal Interpreting Focus$225 Tax & Business Focus Tax & Business Focus$175 Academic Focus Academic Focus$120 Deaf Storytelling Focus Deaf Storytelling Focus$120 Fingerspelling Focus Fingerspelling Focus$120 Medical Focus Medical Focus$720 Educational Focus Educational Focus$315

Local Test Administrators & RID Certification Maintenance Program Sponsors

We are proud to be an approved testing site for multiple certification and assessment exams.

Explore a world of professional development and advancement with Interpretek online, which serves as your doorway to rewarding options for ASL interpreter CEUs online to further their education. Examine our extensive selection of CEUs for sign language interpreters. At Interpretek, we recognize the value of teaching the highest quality education with interpretation.