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On-Site Interpreting

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Facilitating Communication & Ensuring Understanding

Providing an interpreter for a client or patient is often a new experience for many businesses, which is why Interpretek is there to help them move through the entire process. From the moment an interpreter is requested, we do what we can to collect as much information about the situation as possible so that we can provide an interpreter (or team of interpreters) with the necessary skills, credentials, and knowledge to fit your needs.

Community Interpreting with Interpretek

Thanks to the diverse skills of our interpreters, we are able to provide interpretation in nearly any situation where signing and non-signing people need to communicate. Our areas of service include K-12 education, college/universities and vocational training, courtrooms, business offices, job interviews, healthcare settings, clinics, performances, and more. We’ll even provide one or two consistent interpreters for ongoing assignments, allowing the Deaf or Hard of Hearing consumer to establish trust and rapport which leads to a more comfortable, effective experience for everyone.


Read what the Rochester Red Wings have to say community interpreting
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Promoting Community Engagement

Interpreting is a back and forth, with so much more to be communicated than just words – tone, inflection, and expression are all vital elements for accurate interpretation. Our on-site, community interpreting takes into account all these things, creating an experience that allows the Deaf consumer to engage more fully in the discussions, activities, or conversations taking place around them.

Communication Equality

Community interpreting helps navigate the challenges that Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers face on a daily basis by providing resources to businesses who might otherwise be unable to engage fully with those individuals. Having interpreters on-site also provides an opportunity for the client/business to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the interpreter, which leads to a smoother interaction overall.

Ensuring Understanding

Our interpreters do everything they can to ensure optimal communication and that the message is being conveyed accurately. If necessary, interpreters will ask for clarifications, spellings, or for information to be repeated to ensure nothing is lost in interpretation. What’s more, our interpreters are comfortable in situations where they need to navigate the environment in order to achieve effective communication; this can include a soccer game, surgery, driver education courses, and much more.

Cultural Mediation

We believe that providing an on-site interpreter goes beyond the basics of access to linguistic information; it allows for true human connection through mutual understanding. On-site interpreting is a powerful aide in breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers and can act as a form of cultural mediation that bridges the gap between the Deaf consumer and the client. Our goal is to help all parties best understand one another and appreciate each others’ cultural differences.

Dan Mason

Interpretek has been our official interpreting service of the Rochester Red Wings since 2001 and we couldn’t be happier with the level of service we’ve received. We believe we are one of the only Minor League Teams to sign our pregame festivities, anthem and 7th inning stretch for every game. Our tremendous partnership with Interpretek has made that possible.

Dan Mason General Manager | Rochester Red Wings


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