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Industries Served

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Emergency Services

From emergency broadcasts to regional weather events to national crises, our emergency interpreting services are available in any situation. Our large selection of certified interpreters are trained for emergency situations and are well-versed on emergency management terminology and expressions.

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Legal Services

Both in the courtroom or at the lawyer’s office, we offer a variety of legal interpreting services for legal proceedings. Our CDIs are informed on client privacy practices, client-attorney relationships and are nationally certified and trained in legal interpretation best practices.

Learn more about our legal interpretation offerings for when accurate communication is vital.

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Education Services

In the classroom, on a field trip, or at an extracurricular activity, our skilled interpreters are there to provide accurate interpreting ensuring success and understanding for all parties. With “goodness of fit” in mind, we strive to understand the goals for the individual and create lasting relationships with the Deaf or hard of hearing student.

Learn more about how we close communication gaps in educational settings.

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Healthcare Services

Whether it’s the family doctor’s office or the emergency room, our experienced interpreters are here to facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and Deaf patients and clients. Health is always a priority, which is why we accept interpreting service requests 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

Learn more about our compliant interpreting services for the healthcare industry.

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Rob Rhoades

We have been in a partnership now for almost two years and had prior working experience together in the past. LanguageLine has been very pleased with their services and especially their ASL insight and government licensing expertise to help ensure our clients are provided with the correct ASL interpreters with the correct qualifications. We rely on Interpretek’s expertise in Sign Language and adhering to national and state requirements and believe they will be able to assist others in these areas as well.

Rob Rhoades Affiliate Partner Manager | Languageline Solutions

Communication Equality

Interpreting helps navigate the challenges that Deaf and hard of hearing consumers face on a daily basis by providing resources to industries that may not otherwise have channels that facilitate full engagement with those individuals. By having an interpreter on-site or available remotely, all individuals have equal access to communication with health care providers, educators, or legal counsel, to name a few. Not having clear communication can lead to real challenges or problems – close the communication gap with Interpretek.

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