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Virtual Interpreting

When in-person interperting is not an option, virtual interpreting, known as Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), allows for the Deaf consumer to get services at anytime and anywhere with an internet connection.

How it works

You and the Deaf consumer are located on-site, while the interpreter attends virtually from a different location.

You provide a PC, laptop or tablet with a camera, microphone, and reliable Internet connection.

Once connected virtually with the Interpreter, the Deaf consumer will be able to see the interpreter, while you and the interpreter will be able to hear each other.

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Is virtual interpreting right for the situation?

At Interpretek, we will evaluate your situation to help you determine if VRI is a suitable option. We will take a look at the setting from which you’ll be connecting, the participants who will be using the service, our technical specifications, and more.

Full-Service<br />


We have VRI subject matter experts available to work with you.

Our full-service approach provides:

  • Help addressing equipment and internet requirements
  • Explanation on how to request VRI services
  • Best practices with recommendations for a successful end-user experience
Increased<br />


A variety of opportunities open when using virtual interpreting.

VRI allows for

  • Increased interpreter availability
  • A wider pool of interpreters
  • The opportunity to have the same interpreter for each session
Value<br />


Your information is safe when using our virtual interpreting platform.

Our platform consist of

  • A secure program
  • HIPPA compliant software
  • Third party vendor support (Zoom, Teams, etc.)

With virtual interpreting, there’s no limitation due to service location. Our interpreters are qualified to work in ALL states requiring licensure and specialize in various industries, including legal, healthcare, education, emergency services, and more.