Is Covid-19 Impacting Your Organization?

We have video remote interpreting (VRI) solutions ready to provide continuity of services and keep your employees and clients safe.
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Video Remote Interpreting

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Expanding Your Communication Options

Our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) solutions provide quality interpreting to service locations where an in-person professional is unavailable. For VRI sessions, the interpreter remains in a separate location from the consumers and uses video conference equipment and technology to create a seamless interaction and simultaneous interpretation.

VRI with Interpretek

When you work with Interpretek, you get access to quality interpreters from all across the nation. Our interpreters are qualified to work in ALL states requiring licensure, meaning there are absolutely no limitations due to service location. We meet and exceed state and federal requirements for an interpreter in all settings. What’s more, we have interpreters who are specialized in various industries, including legal, healthcare, education, emergency services, and more.

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Supplementing On-site Interpreting

It’s a typical misconception that VRI services are a replacement for on-site services; in reality, VRI is a supplemental service to support it. According to the National Association of the Deaf, VRI is not a comprehensive replacement for on-site interpreting. At Interpretek, we will evaluate your situation to help you determine if VRI is a suitable option. We will take a look at the setting from which you’ll be connecting, the consumers who will be using the service, our technical specifications, and more.

Full-Service Approach

We have resources available to be shared within your organization to help address equipment and internet requirements, how to request VRI services, and best practices with recommendations for a successful end-user experience. After evaluating the request, we will work with local IT departments to address any technology or firewall challenges that may come with VRI. We even have VRI subject matter experts available to work with the end-user to ensure their comfort and help them connect to services. We make it easy.

On-Demand or Pre-Scheduled Services

Our approach to VRI services is fully customized to meet the needs of your Deaf consumer. We have a variety of VRI service options to offer, including pre-scheduled VRI and variations of on-demand VRI. We have our own dedicated and HIPAA compliant VRI platform to support your organization’s needs and, if preferred, can seamlessly support a third-party vendor as well (Zoom, WebEx, etc.). We are proud to create solutions for Deaf consumers in an array of settings. Call us today to discuss how we can support your needs.

Diane Black

The DeafFest Camp would not have been possible without the support of Interpretek! In order to bring the impact of Deaf Identity to a larger group of youth, you made it possible to generate enough funds to host the FIRST ever fully accessible Deaf Camp in Jamaica! I can not express my gratitude for your selfless contribution!

Diane Black Founder | Deaf Empowerment Abroad Foundation

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