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Trusted Providers of Educational Interpreters

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Educational Sign Language Interpreter Services & Support

Our qualified and credentialed educational interpreters offer on-site and VRI services for various educational activities. Whether it’s for day-to-day interpreting throughout the academic year, tutoring, athletics and extracurricular activities, or meetings and school functions, our skilled interpreters are there to provide detailed, truthful interpreting for all deaf and hard-of-hearing students and educators.

Educational Interpreting with Interpretek

We ensure that our educational sign language interpreter team and independent contractors with whom we partner are appropriately cleared per the policies of each school district in which they work. We focus on building relationships with each school district’s representatives to get to know their interpreting needs and their goals for the students and staff involved, ensuring success for all parties. What’s more, research-based best practices drive our approach of using a Deaf and hearing interpreter team to provide more fluid communication for individuals who are language deprived/delayed or who have additional communication barriers.

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Educational Interpreters for Communication Support

Knowledgeable in Educational Policies

All of our educational interpreters are knowledgeable in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and ADA laws in order to best support Deaf and hard of hearing students. We also have a pool of qualified interpreters available for Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. Given the legal nature of these meetings and accompanying documentation, a qualified interpreter is important for both the student and school staff in order to offer clarity and precision around requirements.

Experienced Facilitators

We have experience providing consultations for administrators, teachers, and staff who will be working with Deaf or hard of hearing students and interpreters on how to best fully integrate the student into the classroom. Many K-12 students are placed with an interpreter as part of their IEP, but this alone is not enough to bridge the gap, as students often need more language support than what falls under the “role” of the interpreter. We are happy to offer guidance and resources on how to best support the Deaf or hard of hearing student.

Perfectly-Paired Educational Interpreters

We integrate fully with your educational team and work to ensure “goodness of fit” between the student and the educational sign language interpreter. Our goal is to enhance the learning experience for the Deaf student by making interpreted communication more successful by matching student temperament, learning style, and environment with a perfectly paired interpreter. We also understand that it can be difficult for some children to work with many different interpreters, so we do our best to always make sure they have a familiar face – either in front of them or through virtual remote interpreting.

Sarah Proper

Interpretek has been working with the New York State School for the Deaf for the past fifteen years as our sole provider for ASL Interpreters. Their knowledge and expertise in K12 interpreting has aided in our school’s day to day educational programming. They are not only professional but also easy to work with.

Sarah Proper Office Assistant | New York State School for the Deaf

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