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Legal Interpretation Services For Accurate Communication
When It Matters Most

We offer a variety of legal interpreting services for a wide range of court and legal proceedings – both in and out of the courtroom. From client-attorney conferences and hearings to interviews and investigations with law enforcement officials, our large selection of certified interpreters are available to offer timely, accurate communication.

Legal Interpreting with Interpretek

With Interpretek, you can take the guesswork out of determining if the interpreter is “qualified” thanks to our extensive pool of legally trained interpreters. Our services help ensure equality for Deaf parties involved in legal matters and help them exercise their right to due process, contribute to their defense, and be linguistically present for necessary court proceedings.

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We Understand The Importance
Of Getting It Right

Knowledgeable in Legal Proceedings

Legal proceedings are stressful at best, life-altering at worst – Interpretek is here to make sure that all Deaf and hard of hearing individuals get the same support offered to hearing persons. All of our legal interpreters are highly skilled and specialize in the terminology required for legal settings and proceedings. We understand that there can be significant consequences if communication isn’t accurately interpreted, and the extensive experience of our team makes us a trusted choice for any and all legal affairs.

Nationally Certified

At Interpretek, we provide only the most experienced and credentialed interpreters, all of whom are nationally certified and trained in legal interpretation best practices. We maintain a network of Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI) who specialize in legal work and have a host of RID Certified interpreters with the specialty designation Specialist Certificate: Legal.

Remote Availability

All of our interpreters strive to be present with clients when working through legal proceedings, but there are times when location or distance makes this impractical. When this happens, our team of certified interpreters turns to offering specialized interpreting services via remote interfacing when they are unavailable locally. Even when working remotely, we ensure that our interpreters meet or exceed state and national credential requirements for that specific legal setting.

Rob Rhoades

We have been in a partnership now for almost two years and had prior working experience together in the past. LanguageLine has been very pleased with their services and especially their ASL insight and government licensing expertise to help ensure our clients are provided with the correct ASL interpreters with the correct qualifications. We rely on Interpretek’s expertise in Sign Language and adhering to national and state requirements and believe they will be able to assist others in these areas as well.

Rob Rhoades Affiliate Partner Manager | Languageline Solutions

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