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April 20 & 21 - 8am-5pm - Rochester, NY
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Ethical Decision-Making in Real World Applications

Intended for Deaf and hearing ASL interpreters and students.

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Workshop Description

Interpretek is an approved RID Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This Professional Studies program is offered for 0.60 CEUs at the Some Content Knowledge Level.

This workshop will discuss the relevant factors that guide American Sign Language Interpreters through ethical decision-making processes using such guides as the RID CPC and the guiding principle of “Do no harm.” The influence of personal ethics, professional ethical standards, and cultural backgrounds will be also discussed, as well as ethical decision-making and the impacts of such decisions by using real world examples. The perspectives of Deaf Interpreters, hearing Interpreters, and Deaf consumers will be considered and discussed.


  • To understand the importance of ethical decision making along with the long and short term impacts decisions made by the interpreter can have on the people and communities involved.
  • To gain experience applying situational analysis tools.
  • To gain experience applying ethical decision-making techniques.

About the Presenter

Andrés Velandia has worked for Interpretek in Orlando, FL for more than three years as an Educational Program Instructor/Deaf Interpreter/PT-ASL.

He has worked as a Deaf/Deafblind interpreter and an instructor of ASL and Colombian Sign Language for 20 years. His passions are teaching ASL and working as a community interpreter. In Andrés’ free time, he enjoys traveling the world, working on various arts and crafts creations, and watching Broadway shows.

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Please contact for reasonable accommodations. This workshop is presented in ASL.

This event upholds non-discriminatory practices and encourages a learning environment of mutual respect and free from bias.