ASL Interpreters & Online-Based Sign Language Classes in Jacksonville, FL

Our Jacksonville team is here for all of your sign language interpreting needs. From events to education to healthcare interpreting, our coordinating staff provides you with the right interpreting services based on your specific needs. We are dedicated to bridging the communication gap for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Meet Our Team

Allison Jordan

Director of Interpreting Services

Allison Jordan is a national certified interpreter who graduated from Siena Heights University in 2013 with a BS in American Sign Language/English Interpreting, followed by a Masters of American Sign Language/ English Interpreting in 2018. However, her foundation for professional interpreting began with the strong foundation the Florida State College at Jacksonville’s Interpreter Training Program provided her in 2012. She holds her National Interpreter Certification (NIC) and Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA) with a level 4.8. When she is not working, Allison enjoys spending time with her family, running around at the dog park with her pup, and all things CrossFit.

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The Coordinators

Picture of Helen

Helen Cuzzolino


Helen Cuzzolino started with Interpretek in 2022 as an Interpreting Services Coordinator. She graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville in 2022 with an A.S. in ASL/English interpreting.

However, her love and passion for ASL and the Deaf community began much earlier than 2022. Helen is a child of a Deaf adult (CODA), so her exposure to the Deaf community and use of ASL essentially began right at birth. Helen provides a unique perspective to the coordination process due to her diverse background.

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Expanding Our Community

We held a networking event for interpreters, the Deaf community and customers located around Jacksonville, FL. The turnout was great with new and familiar faces! We hope to have another one soon!

Interpretek hosted an Ethical Decision-Making Workshop

Presented by Andrés Velandia, the workshop discussed the relevant factors that guide American Sign Language Interpreters through ethical decision-making processes using such guides as the RID CPC and the guiding principle of “Do no harm.”


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Whether you're seeking expert sign language classes in Jacksonville FL, or require the assistance of a skilled sign language interpreter, our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive language solutions tailored to your needs. We stand ready to offer support for sign language interpreting services at our Jacksonville, Florida location, or nationwide!

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Interpetek provides you with the ability to enter the world of sign language with confidence. We are the best place to go for online-based sign language classes in Jacksonville, FL. Our hardworking team is committed to offering excellent language solutions, promoting efficient communication, and closing language barriers. Additionally, work with a trusted sign language interpreter in Jacksonville, FL, provided by Interpretek. Our interpreters are experts at translation, translating for a variety of different situations. Our qualified staff brings language to life, making for an easy translation experience.