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Meet Our Orlando Florida Team

Our Orlando team can help you with any of your sign language interpreting needs. The coordinating staff provides you with the right interpreting services based on your specific needs and are dedicated to bridging the communication gap for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

Chris Cupples

Director of Interpreting Services

Chris is a nationally certified interpreter with almost twenty years of experience. He began his interpreting journey in Milwaukee, WI. While working towards his B.A in Communications at Marquette University, Chris was exposed to ASL, the Deaf community, and interpreters through performing in a university theatrical production. This experience ignited the desire and passion to serve the Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and work towards equal and equitable access to communication and information for all.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Chris returned to school to attend the interpreter training program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He then moved to central Florida in 2006 where he has been a part of the Central Florida community ever since.

Chris has been involved in a variety of interpreting settings with a focus on post-secondary education and theatrical/musical performances. He is passionate about the interpreting profession focusing on mentoring, interpreter growth, and professional development.

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The Coordinators

Andrés Velandia


Andrés Velandia has worked for Interpretek in Orlando, FL for more than three years as an Educational Program Instructor/Deaf Interpreter/PT-ASL. He has worked as a Deaf/Deafblind interpreter and an instructor of ASL and Colombian Sign Language for 20 years.

His passions are teaching ASL and working as a community interpreter. In Andrés’ free time, he enjoys traveling the world, working on various arts and crafts creations, and watching Broadway shows.

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Picture of Helen

Helen Cuzzolino


Helen Cuzzolino started with Interpretek in 2022 as an Interpreting Services Coordinator. She graduated from Florida State College of Jacksonville in 2022 with an A.S. in ASL/English interpreting.

However, her love and passion for ASL and the Deaf community began much earlier than 2022. Helen is a child of a Deaf adult (CODA), so her exposure to the Deaf community and use of ASL essentially began right at birth. Helen provides a unique perspective to the coordination process due to her diverse background.

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Legal Workshop with Anna McDuffie

Interpretek Orlando hosted a legal training workshop with presenter and legal interpreter Anna McDuffie. Anna has over 20 years of experience in legal interpreting and presented two sessions at our legal workshop. This workshop is now available in Online Focus!

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Our Orlando office is here to provide support for sign language interpreting services across the nation!

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