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April 20 & 21 - 8am-5pm - Rochester, NY
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Intro to Legal Interpreting Workshop

Intended for interpreters looking to earn professional studies CEUs with a focus on legal interpreting.

Saturday, November 11
9am – 4pm

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Navigating Jury Duty

Interpretek is an approved RID Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This professional studies program is offered for 0.30 CEUs at the some Content Knowledge Level.

This workshop is designed to equip interpreters with the tools they need to navigate the elements of jury duty. In three short hours will discuss the Voir Dire process that transpires during jury selection, how to handle sidebars, the significance of courtroom positioning and how it affects the interpreters visibility and access to both the deaf client and the legal teams.

In addition, we will review the deliberation process and the interpreter’s role during this critical phase of selection, and finally, the intricacies of interpreting the instructions to the jury. Participants will leave the workshop armed with techniques necessary to convey precise language, maintain the appropriate tone, and handle challenging legal terminology.

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify three key elements of jury instructions
  • Assess legal terms and outline two strategies for customizing interpretations of jury duty instructions to match the needs of the Deaf client
  • Summarize the salient points of Voir Dire and list possible ways to interpret them

Miranda Warning

Interpretek is an approved RID Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This professional studies program is offered for 0.30 CEUs at the some Content Knowledge Level.

We are all familiar with the Miranda Warning. We’ve seen it issued on countless TV shows and movies, but do we really understand it? The concepts can seem simple on the surface, but do we understand them on a deep enough level to produce an ASL equivalent that affords Deaf people the opportunity to knowingly exercise or waive their rights?

This workshop will break down the principles of the Miranda Warning in a methodical way that will leave participants with options on how to interpret the Miranda Warning depending on the client. Additional topics to be discussed: When does the Miranda Warning have to be given, when can the police question someone without Mirandizing them, what are best practices when staffing assignments involving the police and what are the risks of interpreting for the police.

Participants will:

  • Examine the elements of the Miranda Warning for the deeper meaning through a series of work sessions during the workshop.
  • Develop and practice differentiated interpretations of the Miranda Warning based on varying scenarios and clients.
  • Demonstrate understanding of legal interpreting best practices in police setting by creating a personal list of requirements before taking assignments involving the police.

About the Presenter

Anna McDuffie, BS, CI, CT, SC:L, NIC; Core Certified Healthcare Interpreter

A native of Atlanta, Anna graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Interpreting for the Deaf. After graduation, she moved to Boston where she worked as a staff interpreter at the Learning Center for Deaf Children, a bilingual/bicultural school for the Deaf. She also worked part time at Boston University as an interpreter for various graduate programs. Anna returned to Atlanta in 1999 and has been working as a freelance interpreter for the past 23 years. She earned a Certificate of Interpretation and Certificate of Transliteration from RID in 1999, the Specialist Certificate: Legal from RID in 2008 and the National Interpreter Certification from RID in 2011. Anna began teaching medical interpreting workshops along with her co-presenter, Heather Brown, in 2008 and is very passionate about standardizing best practices for medical and legal interpreting. Additionally, they published an article in a nationally peer reviewed medical journal entitled Health Care Providers and the Americans with Disabilities Act in the Journal of the American Association of Physician Assistants in January of 2011. Anna also teaches workshops on legal interpreting. Anna currently lives in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband, Eric. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her step-daughter, Cece, her fur kids, Kiwi and Pippa, traveling, and playing tennis.

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Please contact for reasonable accommodations. This workshop is presented in spoken English with ASL interpreters.

This event upholds non-discriminatory practices and encourages a learning environment of mutual respect and free from bias.